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Local, South East- Florida , Group of Non-Partisan, Patriotic Volunteers

Welcome Home Warriors

Dear Members and Friends,

   Thanking each and everyone of you who took the time to show you cared by making donations, collecting donations, picking up donations, making greeting cards, gathering up volunteers, volunteering, organizing, sorting, filling out custom labels and forms, packing boxes, moving boxes around and around, and especially for being there at the Mardi Gras Casino - Sunday, November 22nd, 2015. 

   For all the unspoken words and forgotten thank you’s, words can never express enough how happy and grateful our hearts feel towards you all. We couldn’t have done it without our loyal, dependable and very hard working volunteers members and friends. It was months of planning, collecting and organizing in which all came together so beautifully. 

   On Monday, the Hallandale Beach post office spent the entire day processing all 300 boxes. Our care packages are officially shipped overseas and will arrive on time for Christmas. 

   Because of you, our brave troops will be getting lots of warm, fuzzy, hugs, thoughtfulness, appreciation and love. 

Thankful, grateful and blessed a million times over for everyone who had a part in making our Welcome Home Warriors -Holiday Care Packing Event a HUGE success. From the bottom of our hearts to yours...Thank you for supporting our troops and for creating such an unforgettable event, filled with fun memories, we will never forget!

God Bless Our Troops! & God Bless America!

Gratefully Yours,
Eddie & Stacy Napolitano
Co-Founders, Welcome Home Warriors